Sermon Topic 9/6/20 "The Power of Dreams and Visions".

Sermon Topic 8/30/20 "The Illusion Of Tomorrow".

Sermon Topic 8/23/20 "There Has To Be Another Way"

Sermon Topic 8/16/20 "Leaping In A No Win Situation"

Sermon Topic 8/9/20 "It's time to be resilient"

Sermon Topic 8/2/20 "This Thorn In My Flesh "

Sermon Topic 7/26/20 "You're Not In It Alone"

Bishop Bartley Shares the message of Jesus Christ disciplining his disciples through a storm; Shifting your mindset, Moving towards new VICTORIOUS habits/behaviors. What you do now matters. You must now learn to stand where you use to fall. The storm won’t stop until you get back to the VESSEL If the vessel is a metaphor for the church. Then let’s get back to Church.

Sermon Topic 6/21/20 "Fathers Day"

Six Perspectives on Pentecost

Sermon Topic 6/7/20 "The Protest and Prejudice that resulted in a Praise"

Sermon Topic 5/31/20

 "Six perspective on Pentecost"

Sermon Topic 5/24/20 "Psalms 142"

Sermon Topic 5/17/20 "Psalms 23 part two"

Sermon Topic 5/10/20 "Mothers Day Message"

Sermon Topic 5/3/20 "Psalms 23 Part one"

Sermon Topic 4/26/20 "From the cradle to the grave"

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